Usage of Maven

Worth knowing

Normally Maven executes the project's tests every time you execute a goal. The Image Gallery's tests are integration tests mostly and thus require additional software to pass. Although skipping of tests is discouraged in general it can be helpful for specific goals. Maven can do this by adding -Dmaven.test.skip=true to the list of parameters. For details about testing within the Image Gallery refer to the chapter Testing withing the developer documentation .

Maven 3rd party repository

The project uses some dependencies which cannot be found in an official repository. That is why you have to install these jars into your local repository by yourself. Maven gives appropriate instructions when this is needed. A local organization wide repository like artifactory ( ) can ease dependency handling significantly and hence was used internally also in this project.

Maven usage

Besides code compilation and jar and war packaging the usage of the following maven plugins is configured for the Image Gallery:

  • Maven site plugin (should be executed from within the spcp7 root folder and not from spcp7/spcp7-imagegallery) for the generation of the projects web site. Refer to for details. Used version was 2.0-beta-6 .
  • Maven release plugin (executed within the spcp7-imagegallery directory) for the tagging of a project within the source code management system. Refer to for details. Used version was 2.0-beta-7 .
  • Maven assembly plugin (executed within the spcp7-imagegallery directory) for the creation of release files. Assembly configuration is configured within the project spcp7-imagegallery/pom.xml and spcp7-imagegallery/src/assemble/*. Hence output files can be found below the spcp7-imagegallery/target directory. Furthermore usage instructions for the maven assembly plug-in can be found at . Used version was 2.2-beta-2 .